If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed that I have a love affair with anything denim. Denim jackets, skirts, jeans, you name it- I love it. I especially love how effortless denim makes an outfit look and I honestly could live in a good pair of jeans. However, finding a good pair is like hitting the lottery. It seems like they’re either too expensive, too cheap feeling or they feel like four sizes too big by the end of the day. With fall coming, I love incorporating more denim in my wardrobe, especially since nights are already getting chillier here (gotta love the northeast). This also means brands are going to start coming out with new styles so I put together some of my favorite brands for you to keep your eye out for when you’re ready to shop!

Top + bag: Lulus // Skirt: H&M

These are some brands where I think everyone could find a style that fits them right and most importantly, won’t break the bank.

UNDER $100

  • Articles of Society – These jeans are sold at Nordstrom and are one of my favorite brands mainly because of how comfortable they are. They’re super soft and still stay soft after washing them multiple times. These jeans do loosen up towards the end of the day so I always size down. The length is perfect on me (I’m 5’6) and I love the different washes they have. There’s not a ton on the Nordstrom website right now because most of them were part of the Anniversary Sale, but I’m sure when we get a little closer to fall they will come out with a lot more, so be on the lookout!


  • Topshop – Topshop has become known over the past couple years for having reliable denim that is pretty affordable. They are great quality and have different fits for everyone. My favorite fit is called Leigh. They are the perfect high rise and end slightly above the ankle. They only thing with Topshop is the sizing- a 26 is a little too small and the 28 is a little too large, and of course, they don’t make a 27. If you are in the same boat as me, I would recommend sizing down just in case they stretch out a little during the day.


  • BDG – I recently just bought a pair of kick-flare jeans from BDG and I was honestly surprised. I’ve never tried any jeans from Urban Outfitters before and didn’t know how they would fit. These fit perfect and actually get more comfortable during the day, but don’t feel saggy. The high-waisted ones fit perfect without flattening the booty or going up too high.


  • Zara – Zara jeans are awesome, specially the TRF line. The jeans stay tight all day but are so comfortable to wear. They’re thick and have tons of super cute styles. They also have really cool distressed denim skirts and shorts that are perfect for summer. The ones I own are high wasted but super stretchy, so you can eat all you want without having to unbutton πŸ˜‰


OVER $100

  • Good American – I didn’t think these jeans would be my style or fit me the way I liked but I can promise you that they are worth the hype. They form to you in all the right places and if you are one of those people where your waist and butt never fit right in jeans, I would check out the Good Legs style from Good American. They’re super comfy and not annoying to wear all day long like some other jeans. You can count on KhloΓ¨ Kardashian to make a denim line that makes your butt look exceptionally good- and that’s just what she did with this line.


  • Madewell – If you have never been in a Madewell and checked out their Denim Bar, you need to ASAP. They have so many styles and washes and are always on trend for the season. They are comfortable and are made with a great material that won’t wear down after you wash them a bunch of times. They definitely aren’t as expensive as some jeans, but most are over the hundred dollar mark. Check them out for yourself and I’m sure you will agree that they’re worth the investment!


Share with me your favorite denim brands in the comments! Also, let me know if you would like to see a post on my favorite higher end denim as well πŸ™‚




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