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From recently graduating college to starting a full-time job, I’m no where near I need to be financially to support my shopping habits (it’s a tough life, I know). As I’m sure there’s someone reading this who’s in the same boat, I’m sharing my best tips on finding a good deal, but not looking ‘cheap’.

That’s what I felt was my biggest problem while shopping at a store like Marshall’s or Forever 21. I always felt like the clothes looked so cheap, simply because of how the store is laid out. If you took a few of Marshall’s shirts, put them in a store like Nordstrom and displayed them nicely, I guaranteeΒ  you would think it was nicer and could see yourself wearing it more than you did at Marshall’s. Because of this, I would walk into a cheaper store and walk right out. Not until recently I’ve felt like I’m becoming better at finding those pieces that look better quality than they actually are- and at a lower price.

Here are my best tips for shopping on a budget:

  1. Try everything on if you think you might like it. I know, it’s such a pain have to get dressed and undressed 1000x, but trust me, it’s worth it. It might look totally different on than just seeing on a hanger next to other clothes you don’t like as much.
  2. Shop online. If you’re like me and get overwhelmed when you’re in a store that has racks and racks of unorganized clothes, then online shopping is your best bet. You can find things online that you wouldn’t normally find in store and even search for specific items. This saves so much time and makes for a stress-free shopping experience.
  3. Get inspired from higher-end stores. When you have something in mind of looks you want to recreate, you’ll be way more likely to find something that you’ll actually want to wear.
  4. Splurge on items you will wear time and time again. I usually spend more money on my basics that I get a ton of wear out of. I’ll spend a little more money on my basic white tees, leggings, and shoes that I wear all the time. I would rather spend a little more money on those items so I won’t have to repurchase them as often. Buying the same pieces of clothes less often= more money for trendier items.
  5. Purge your closet. I like to go through my closet once every couple months, especially when the seasons are changing. This helps you see what you have, what you need, and what you probably shouldn’t buy again if you never wear certain things. Also, it can be a great way to get some extra cash. I sell some of my lightly worn clothes on Poshmark or even take them to consignment stores.

Some of my favorite stores when shopping on a budget:

Marshall’s + TJ Maxx


Forever 21





Nordstrom Rack

I hope these tips helped! Let me know in the comments your favorite stores to shop at when you’re trying to save some money!


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