Self-Tanning Routine

After going through my fair share of self-tanners, I finally found the one that is the easiest to apply and gives me the best color (aka doesn’t make me look like an orange). Loving Tan is probably one of the most talked about self-tanners, and there is certainly a reason why. I’ve been using this tanner for about 1 year now and I have never had any horror stories like I have with spray tans and some other self-tanners. I wanted to include my best tips on how to get your tan to look as natural as possible, while also making it last.

Step 1: Exfoliate

In order to get rid of all dry skin so the tanner doesn’t cling to it, I like to shave and scrub my body right before I tan. I like to use this exfoliating glove, but you could always just use a wash cloth. I don’t really like to use and scrubs before I self tan just in case it leaves a residue on my skin.

Step 2: Moisturize

I use a basic, oil-free moisturizer only on the spots that tend to get dry- elbows, knees, ankles, and hands. Make sure these places aren’t dry so the tanner won’t stick to these spots.


Step 3: Apply!

I use a mitt to apply the tanner and always start in small sections. I usually do two layers, depending on the last time I tanned and how dark I want it to be. I love this tanner because the color guard on it is pretty strong so you can see exactly where you’ve applied it and where you’ve missed. It can’t hurt to blend a little extra so just take your time and make sure you haven’t missed a spot! When doing my hands and feet I take whatever is left on my glove and just swipe it on the tops of them. As long as your knuckles are moisturized you won’t have any problems with them turning dark. When it comes to doing my back, I just use this to rub it all the way down. Before I had the back applicator, I just would reach as far as I can and rub it in, and there wasn’t ever a problem with that.

TIP: Use a clean makeup brush when applying the tanner on your face. Just put a small pump on the brush and dab it on your cheeks and forehead and blend quick. This helps you have an even application and won’t get in your hairline or anything. Don’t forgot your ears, too!


Step 4: Shower

The regular Loving Tan Mousse will take about 6 hours to fully develop, so I usually apply it before bed and shower in the morning. I never have a problem with it coming off during my sleep or wearing off of my sheets, but just in case it might be smart to not sleep on your new white sheets after just applying it. When I shower in the morning I only use soap in the necessary areas and be sure to pat dry. I moisturize everyday until the next time I self tan to make sure my skin isn’t dry and prolong the tan.

My regular tanning routine is to apply it every Thursday night so it’s nice and fresh for the weekend. I would say this usually lasts me until the following Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how well I take care of you. You could definitely scrub it off with the exfoliating glove before that and start fresh if you need to apply more than once a week.


Step 5: Upkeep

To keep the tan as long lasting as possible, I also use moisturizer when I get out of the shower to keep my skin from getting dry and flaky. To give myself an extra glow, I love the Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer to add on top of the tan. It provides an extra glow and has the perfect amount of shimmer, especially for the seasons where our skin is a little more dull looking. You could even put this on if you need a give bronze but didn’t have time to tan! It’s a lifesaver and also looks amazing in photos.

Loving Tan was also kind enough to provide my readers with a promo code for a free tanning mitt with your purchase of the mousse. Just use “sometimessocial” at checkout and you’ll be good to go! You can find everything mentioned on Also, if you have any other questions about my application process or tips of your own, please share below πŸ™‚




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