Capsule Wardrobe: Fall 2017

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Jacket: Forever21 | Shirt: Topshop | Jeans: Levi’s | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Amazon

I’ve been obsessed with learning about capsule wardrobes and I really do see the importance of them. Your capsule wardrobe consists of the items that you can build an outfit on. If you have a decent size capsule wardrobe, it’s so much easier to put outfits together for any occasion. You finally won’t be looking at your closet with “nothing to wear” even though you have a million cute options (I’m way too guilty of that). Building a solid capsule wardrobe will give you that base you need to create the outfit, and allows you to easily change things up by adding more trendy items. My capsule wardrobe items are pieces that I would rather spend a little more money on to make sure I’m able to get a lot of wear out of them. The best part is, I can never see these pieces going out of style.


I think a dark, light and black pair are perfect to alternate between depending on what you like. These variations will also be able to work for different occasions, such as casual wear, going out, and to the office. These are the pairs I would spend a little more money on to make sure they last awhile. Here are a few different styles I’m loving right now:

Basic Tees:

I like having a nice white one and a nice black one to wear under jackets or cardigans, or even on their own. You can get long sleeve ones, or even a plain bodysuit. The bodysuits are also great for wearing under things since they won’t move or un-tuck out of your pants.  Anything like this is great for layering. You can also find more options in this post all about basic tees.

Longline Cardigans + Dusters:

These can either add a more casual feel to an outfit or really dress it up. They also add another layer which helps make you look more put together than you actually are. You can throw one of these over a plain t-shirt and either wear it with dark denim and a pair of heels for a dressier look, or with a v-neck and pair of light jeans and sneakers for a casual look. These are also perfect for all seasons so I don’t think you could ever have too many!

 Leather + Suede Jackets:
 These are my favorite pieces of outerwear for fall since they offer the perfect amount of warmth and are so versatile. A great quality leather jacket will last you so many years and there’s really nothing that can compare to it. You can wear this after the gym to create that athleisure look, on a night out, or even to work. The outfit ideas with a leather jacket are endless. I feel the same about suede, especially for fall. These look great for so many different occasions and you can find these at an affordable price as well.

If I had to pick 3 pairs of shoes that belong in a capsule wardrobe for fall it would be a simple sneaker, black bootie and a nice heel. I would also throw in a loafer, but I know not everyone is that fond them. These shoes will be able to transform different outfits and again, will be able to take an outfit from day to night. That’s the beauty of a capsule wardrobe, right?

 I want to make this post into a series and help give you guys ideas for different types of capsule wardrobes such as work and lounge wear. Leave a comment below telling me your thoughts on this post and which one you want to see next!
Until next time, xoxo

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